Director Kenneth Branagh Talks About "Thor"

Uploaded on Monday 9 May 2011


It was truly a blessing meeting Kenneth Branagh, the Shakespearan expert who's making his superhero movie for the very first time! Branagh made the material work! His knowledge with characterizations and pacing did wonders for "Thor!" In this interview, we talked about:

Why he's a god in my book
How was he able to make a big blockbuster!
The big action scenes versus the smaller, quieter moments in "Thor"
How he balanced the big and the small scenes
How he zeroed in on Chris Hemsworth to play his Nordic god
"Thor" is steeped in Shakespearean tropes, is that why Branagh was interested in making the movie?
Fritz Lang would have been proud with his set design -- what/who were his other influences?


Language: English

Length: 5:00

Country: United States