Distance Travelled

Uploaded on Monday 26 August 2013


This project was very much inspired by the work of Peder Norrby who is the lead designer of one of my favourite After Effects plug ins - Trapcode Mir. Around the time I made ‘Distance Travelled’ I had been watching a lot of Peder’s Mir tutorials and happened upon a series of animations he produced where he had generated rolling landscapes, giving the impression of a camera soaring across mountainous terrain. Visually these landscapes lacked any form of photorealism and appeared quite simplistic, but I found the minimal look of these particular animations very eye catching. You can watch them here - http://vimeo.com/46819908. Visually, I wanted this animation to reflect what I had learned about 3D motion graphics production in the past year. So ‘Distance Travelled’ visually recycles and incorporates earlier animations, using previous work as a visual skin. One of the great features of Mir is the ability to map moving image video files to its computer generated meshes. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities for experimentation and visual connection to other projects I have produced. ‘Distance Travelled’ is undoubtedly an exercise in perfecting a very specific motion graphics technique, but I think the mapping of earlier animations to the landscape I generated for this piece have added an unexpected visual curiosity that I am personally quite proud of. I hope you like ‘Distance Travelled’.


Language: English

Length: 3:01

Country: United Kingdom