El cuadro

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


El cuadro mixes different technologies into one work, high speed photography, filmmaking, animation; The team of el cuadro arrived to the volcanic island of Lanzarote to express the concept of obsession, blending different technologies and ways of transmitting what goes on in the mind of the person trapped between reality and distorted perception. / Synopsis: A metaphore about obsession. A girl contemplates a framed photograph of a volcanic landscape . The artwork gradually captures her until she appears inside. Once there, the animal atmosphere inside the landscape will start to absorb the girl´s personality. She tries to escape but the artwork becomes her prison. The rest of the film shows that delicate exchange between being and not being in the thing she is obsessed with, living more inside that outside, the artwork becoming the only thing that is mostly present in her mind, but also the small cracks on the landscape that somewhere remain open showing the path back to balance and peace of mind.
* See below more comments and info about Lanzarote Island, The music of El Cuadro, Ideami Films and the technology behind El cuadro


Language: Silent

Length: 9 minutes

Country: Spain