Elle Fanning Reveals Secrets of "Super 8"

Uploaded on Sunday 5 June 2011


I really enjoyed talking to Elle Fanning! I interviewed the young actress last year for Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere," and this year, she's starring in the surefire blockbuster, "Super 8." She plays Alice, the lone female member of the filmmaking gang in the small mining town of Lillian, Ohio.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** How she got involved into making "Super 8"
*** J.J. Abrams' top-secret "Super 8" script!
*** The writer-director allowed Fanning and the other child actors of the movie to create their own super 8 zombie film
*** How she bonded with her male co-stars
*** Does she believe in UFO?
*** Why you have to watch "Super 8?"
*** Super 8 the camera!
*** The cool vintage 1970s outfits!


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States