Emily Mortimer Talks About “Hugo”

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 November 2011


The sweet, sweet Emily Mortimer stars as Lisette, the flower seller, in the new Martin Scorsese film, “Hugo.” She is the love interest of the station inspector played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Their romantic subplot provides one of the many hearts of the fantastic film.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Her attraction to working in “Hugo”
*** Why did she want to work with Martin Scorsese again? (They worked previously in the film “Shutter Island”)
*** The book by Brian Selznick
*** Has her boy seen the film yet?
*** How did she prepare for her character Lisette?
*** Scorsese’s style as a director
*** The film inspirations by Scorsese as handed down to his actors
*** Why “Hugo” is not just a film for kids but for everyone
*** Scorsese working with the 3D technology


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States