FAMusicTV Updates Week 1

Uploaded on Saturday 8 December 2012


The past week has been fully dedicated to the web promotion of the "Dolphin" band, a multifaceted team with quite an impressive history of existence. another video clip of Dolphin band was presented everyday on the official page on FB.

Why Dolphin?

We decided to start with a band that would be interesting to a wide range of audience, in the US and beyond. Dolphin's creativity includes an experimental mix of indie, rock, rap. It's like playing two characters, calm and aggressive.


Throughout the week, we showed the audience the best of, in our view, audio-video work. These were melodic songs with a truly unique video design (eg silver song where all the pictures are displayed through water). Also, social and aggressive track (back side of dolfins creativity), where a character is drawn in a notebook - a child cuts down adults heads ... in my opinion, at least this band's Creativity is not boring.

How to follow FAM updates

Every Monday at the official page in FB we update the photo of artist of the week. Then, throughout the week we show to the viewer videos of this artist.


Language: English

Length: 01:50

Country: United States

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