Fear The Forest Movie

Uploaded on Sunday 8 August 2010


Long ago the Native Indians feared and respected it as a "God", But just recently a very stealthy "Ghost-Like Creature" was thought to be killing people in the Dark unforgiving woods. Some disappearing without a trace and never to be found. Then a $2.5 Million Dollar bounty was on for the capture of this "unknown creature" with a massive Hunter search party, but nothing found. A group of five fearless, young men and women venture into the deep woods for a weekend getaway and possibly find this mythical creature, but to their demise the killing starts again and one by one the five are hunted, culled away and killed up to the last survivors. Time runs out on each of the last members, now they must run for their own lives, or fall Prey to the legend that survives in Fear The Forest.


Language: English

Length: 105

Country: United States