Food Hunting at Tisa Cebu

Uploaded on Saturday 21 October 2017


Food, who doesn't love it?

James and I were both hungry one Saturday evening. We didn't have anywhere to go that day so we stayed all day at home but came evening and I suggested we should dine outside. We have been living in Tisa for almost 2 years now and we still have not taken any photos of the foods available in the barangay.

Tisa is well known for its yummy siomai. With that, there are lots of siomai vendors. They have an array of stalls at the road side, a lot of locals and neighbors come to dine in or buy packs of these yummies to go.

But aside from siomai, other food, street food specifically can also be found here. Thus, we took this chance to take photos and videos of the food we tried that night.

Siomai sa Tisa, puso (hanging rice), fried icecream (frozen), street soft tacos, deep fried dynamites. All in one night! We were pumped to try all of them but as soon as James tried the dynamite, I told him we were done because our tummies were already full!

The night ended with that part and we were both happy campers. There's one thing that's famous about Tisa - Halo halo. We will set up another date for that so we could try the different kinds of halo-halo offered in Tisa.

So this video summarizes what we have eaten and done that night. I hope this will get you all hungry too!

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