Foreign Body

Uploaded on Monday 5 August 2013


With this film I wanted to explore ideas relating to infection and the changes such unpleasant things can bring about. I guess my motivation for this came from a relatively late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes when I was 25. While I do not consider this condition to be an infection strictly, what I do understand about this condition is the biological change it has had on my physical well being. It took me a long time to come to terms with this condition, and for longer than I can remember all I could really do was fixate on how my body had changed. This psychological thought process combined with the fact that a part of my body no longer worked did, for a long time, lead to a quite acute sense of anxiety. So Foreign Body is I guess an art therapy piece about change and the introduction of something that affects everything else around it. For me, this film is an abstract and experimental visualization of a state of mind relating to something that will always be with me. While the subject matter Foreign Body relates to is far from pleasant, I am personally quite pleased with the simplistic beauty of its experimental imagery. Considering the context, I hope you enjoy.


Language: English

Length: 3:17

Country: United Kingdom