Future Brilliance Sophia Swire on Afghanistan's Jewelry and Economic Sustainability

Uploaded on Monday 9 September 2013


Sophia Swire is the Founder & CEO of Future Brilliance, a non-profit organization registered in USA, UK, Afghanistan and Pakistan to promote stability through enterprise and workforce development. She is in love with Afghanistan's culture. In 1993, she created a charity called "Learning for life" which educates (primarily) girls aged 4 to 18. She believes that giving education to girls is one of the most valuable things that can be brought into their lives. It's then vital is to give them the skills to generate income.

Future Brilliance | Afghanistan turns education into economic sustainability, and trains young Afghan men and women in technical and business skills to access international markets with market-led product through trade shows and e-commerce. The charity has given intensive skills development training in gem-cutting and jewelry and worked with 3 international jewelry designers to create a collection called Aayenda Jewelry, which means "future" in Dari. Aayenda Jewelry LLC will be run in line with internationally recognized Fair Trade Principals, and within a year will be under the management of the Afghan Gem-Cutting and Jewelry Co-Operative, which Future Brilliance is registering in Kabul with its program graduates, this Fall.

Future Brilliance is currently launching the Aayenda Jewelry brand in the USA, UK and Europe and plans to sell it through Aayenda Jewelry LLC, at leading department stores and independent retailers, as well as online from December 2013 onwards. 100% of the net profits of Aayenda LLC will be donated to Future Brilliance for further training of the Co-operative and development of the Aayenda Jewelry brand. The goal is to develop a high-end brand and create a sustainable international market so that Afghan artisans can learn to design and manufacture to international standards through the Co-Operative for many years to come.


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