Gemango Team Building 2017

Uploaded on Sunday 12 November 2017


This year, it was surprising to realize that our company had two team outings. One which was spent at Kalanggaman Island and second which just occurred a few weeks ago at a resort called Boardwalk in Compostela.

It took a few weeks of preparation, although the most challenging part was finding a resort. It is true that there are lots of resorts in the country, specially in Cebu which is always being visited by thousands of tourists in a monthly basis however, it is also true that there are lots of companies which causes the resorts to get easily fully booked.

Summer and the holidays are the usual dates which makes the resorts all over the province busy. From summer dates, to holy week, to Christmas and even to the next few days of regular holidays, it seemed that the locals and even the tourists can't stop wandering.

That is why when we learned that Boardwalk was still available for our choice of date, we didn't let it go.

The outing was fun, we had games - lots of them, we still have few on the list which we didn't play anymore because of time constraint.

Lunch, dinner and breakfast was all fulfilling even to the wee hours, we were all glad we ordered food instead of us cooking them, it saved us a lot of time and money too!

Overall, it was a fun filled event which I really appreciate the company sponsoring. I hope they'll continue to do this as it develops great camaraderie among the employees and team mates.

Enjoy the video!

Video captured and edited by James Figues

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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Country: Philippines

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