Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship

Uploaded on Friday 10 February 2012


G.I.V.E. (Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship) is a new initiative by Film Annex. Its mission is to re-introduce Afghan war veterans to society and help them make their business ideas a reality.

G.I.V.E. prioritizes the veteran's future goals and focuses on how they can utilize their skills most effectively in the job market. To empower the veterans, Film Annex founder, Francesco Rulli, set out to interview each Marine about his aspirations, skills, business ideas, and inspirations. By staying away from past experiences in the military, these interviews intend to shed light into these veterans' future and turn the viewer's gaze to what lies ahead.

In addition to the interviews, Film Annex offers Web TV channels to all veterans on its network, where they can broadcast their content and receive advertising revenues.

G.I.V.E. advocates that the Afghan war veterans have the necessary skills and vision to be given distinct business opportunities due to their experience in the war, knowledge of different cultures, peace-keeping efforts, perseverance, supreme time management skills, and hard work.


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