Graffiti Verite 2 (GV2) Freedom of ExpreSSion?

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


GV2 follows in the footsteps of Graffiti Verite', the multi award-winning documentary that explored the worlds of hip-hop and graffiti. Bob Bryan's second documentary on graffiti art checks out some of Los Angeles's most impressive works, including the monumental Belmont tunnels designs created by Skill and his crew, U.T.I.

Featuring more than 400 artists -- including the winners of the International Graffiti Art Competition -- and a beat-driven soundtrack. Bryan's film explores graffiti as a way for the urban community to express what's going on in their world and also helps to unearth the truth about the historical relevance of the graffiti art movement, set against the backdrop of today's urban landscape. Includes music by The Psycho Realm, B-Boys, DMG


Language: English

Length: 57 Minutes

Country: United States