Graffiti Verite' 3 (GV3) A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


Utilizing a different style than the previous entries in the documentary series, GRAFFITI VERITE 3 continues to examine the world of graffiti art while looking at the many languages and musical traditions that inform it. With a soundtrack featuring hip-hop, heavy metal, house, techno, and more, this film explores the close relationship between music and graffiti art that connects both mediums, exploding the arbitrary distinction often made between artistic styles. Seeking to free viewers' minds from preconceived notions of graffiti art, Bryan's film features music from a variety of countries and genres meant to illuminate the historical and creative significance of the controversial aerosol art.

GV3 is a virtual Museum tour through the world of Graffiti Art, unlike any trip you've ever taken before.


Language: English

Length: 54 Minutes

Country: United States