Graffiti Verite 4 (GV4): Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls & Canvas

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


The documentary series GRAFFITI VERITE' continues with this fourth entry, which departs from the earlier ones. Bob Bryan's fourth film is a how-to guide that reveals the basic techniques for creating graffiti art murals and aerosol artworks on walls and canvas. Viewers will join two-time award-winner of the International Graffiti Art Competition, graffiti artist SANO as he demonstrates the techniques used to create visually spectacular graffiti art works on walls (murals) and canvas. This step-by-step tutorial covers the concepts, aesthetics, techniques and style required to master the underground urban art form, and sheds light on the misunderstandings surrounding the discipline.

During the presentation, SANO discusses the concepts and theories behind graffiti art, hoping to foster a better appreciation for this often misunderstood artform. GRAFFITI VERITE 4 is one of the few instructional titles that teaches the popular medium of dynamic graffiti art. Winner, Best Documentary and Soundtrack of the Year Award, 2003 Urban Independent Music Awards.


Language: English

Length: 68 Minutes

Country: United States