Hanna Speaks! Saoirse Ronan Talks About “Hanna” and Lady Gaga

Uploaded on Thursday 7 April 2011


I truly mean it when I say, I adore this young actress! Since seeing her in “Atonement,” I’ve always admired Saoirse Ronan’s talent. And she is equally amazing in “Hanna” where she plays the mysterious title character.

So I was very happy to meet Ronan for this interview where we talked about:

How hard is it to play Hanna – a role that requires physical, mental, and emotional prowess?
Why did she want to work with her “Atonement” director, Joe Wright, again?
How she prepared for the strenuous physical requirements of the role?
Bonding with co-star Jessica Barden through Lady Gaga!
The moral of the story


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States