Hearts for Sale! A Buyer's Guide to Winning in Afghanistan - Book Reading

Uploaded on Friday 20 September 2013


This video features the author reading a brief portion of the book as an introduction, telling the story of her military convoy's near-miss motorcycle accident on the streets of Kabul. The story gives a powerful example of how genuine human connection based in strong cross-cultural understanding can change everything even in a dire situation.

The book's title is based on a conversation with an Afghan civil society leader, who said "The hearts of the people are for sale...but not for money." Offer real respect, relationship, and love, and they will respond in kind. The opening story illustrates this concept, which is a theme running through the book, a blend of story and strategic insight examining U.S. and international involvement in Afghanistan, including policy recommendations for developing a healthy and mutually beneficial partnership into the future.

With just 152 pages, the book gives an easy-to-follow overview of why Americans should care about outcomes in Afghanistan, and what both governments and citizens can do to make a difference.

You can find out more about the book, "Hearts for Sale! A Buyer's Guide to Winning in Afghanistan" and get a print copy or download to your Kindle on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0985291710/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=

You can also find it on the publisher's website: http://worldwidewritings.com/index.php/publications/


Language: English

Length: 3:12

Country: United States