Help for Parents of Children with ADHD

Uploaded on Monday 12 March 2012


Mark Bertin, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
New York Medical College
Private Practice in Developmental Pediatrics
Pleasantville, New York

Here, Dr. Bertin explains the nature of ADHD. This medical condition interferes with children’s ability to monitor their behavior, concentrate on routine tasks, and organize their days. He offers expert insights into the challenges parents face in managing their children’s difficulties. ADHD is a complex disorder that affects far more than attention or activity level. A detailed evaluation helps parents better understand their child’s behavior even before discussing specific types of intervention. It allows parents to make compassionate, proactive changes that support child development. Some parents blame themselves or feel judged when their children have ADHD. Others feel overwhelmed or chronically stressed by it. Dr. Bertin also encourages parents of children with ADHD to address their own health and well-being. Taking the time to take care of themselves will only benefit their family.

Author of:
The Family ADHD Solution: A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child’s Attention and Minimizing Parental Stress


Language: English

Length: 09:26

Country: United States