How To Earn Free Bitcoin,And How To check Btc Rates In Usd

Uploaded on Sunday 4 September 2016


I Record this video with screen cast and i am editing with wondershare filmora software.This is a simple tutorial on how to earn bitcoins fast and very very easy.Earn free bitcoins every hour and by using this simple trick.How to earn free bitcoin?
First create a free wallet here :
Then sign in here-
claim your free btc every hour and follow the video
PS : I Bet 00001024 because i have 0.0034 btc So u should start from the bottom , Follow this instructions :

How to Do It - Instructions Below:
1) Bet a low base amount - ( The more you have the higher a base bet you can use) You can deposit any amount of BitCoin into your account. just use the free satoshis from the site.

1 b) ONLY Click "Bet Hi"

2) Continue to bet until you lose three or more bets, Once you lose, double the bet, if it hits you will regain your loss and collect.

3) Once you WIN, restart at the low base bet.

4) If it is another loss, double the last bet and try again, if it hits , you gain again, and start again at the low base bet.

5) If its another loss, double or quadruple the bet.

6) You begin with a small bet so you can double on your losses and regain when you win.

7) There are very few loss that repeat more that 5 times the most I have ever seen was 8.

8) If you can control yourself and always restart start at the low bet, you will have enough to keep doubling or more on losses and regain when you win.
I hope You will enjoy This video and Also join freebitco,Thanks


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