How To Edit Videos With Wondershare Filmora - Tutorial

Uploaded on Thursday 18 August 2016


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Filmora allows you to edit videos with ease. The video editing software includes animated titles, a music library, overlays and filters. It supports both Windows and Mac, with many features. It also supports 4k video.
Wondershare’s Filmora is very stylish and elegantly designed video editing software for both Windows and Mac. It’s one of a kind and a very professional video editing software. There are tremendous ready–to–use features offered for creating that perfect movie. Easy Mode offers you the easiest way out to edit the video. Full Feature Mode gives you an advance and intense editing space. Let’s have a look at the Filmora Video Editing Software in depth.

This mode easily Imports all the videos that you want to edit in the first step. Next are the templates of the Themes you want to choose from. There’s just one available Theme template and rest are for downloading (free). After selecting the Theme for your video, you can select the amazing Music that’s already available in the software itself or add one of your own. Once all of this is done Filmora prepares your movie for a Preview where you can keep/remove the original sound and put the Opening and Closing Titles.

After you are sure with everything, move on to the final level to Export your movie and change the Settings of the output if needed. You also have the option of choosing the Format, Device, and the Social Media Type.

The Easy Mode is just too easy to use. There’s no creative freedom except for choosing the type of Theme and/or Music. Everything is done automatically.

The Full Feature Mode gives you more creative freedom for all your imaginations to come alive. You can Import your media files the same way as in the easy mode. But here you have a separate window to view all your selected files. You have another window where you can play the selected media files. Once you know which file you want to use, drag or add them to the Timeline where you’ll start editing.

Filmora allows you to use their free Music which is just enough for your editing experience as there always are copyright issues and you wouldn’t want to ruin your video just because of that. You can also add a Voice–Over in your video clip.

Talking about the Titles, there’s a really incredible and professional range to choose from. You have around 156 ready–to–go Titles. In other high–end software you would have to create such Titles employing a lot of your time but in Filmora you get these all readymade and for free. These Titles can also be customized according to your preferred Size and Text.
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