How To Install Wacom Intuos Driver

Uploaded on Friday 16 December 2016


Yes, hello everyone! Here’s a part two of the Wacom Intuos Installation. Today, I am going to show how to install its driver.

Well, the tablet comes with a driver installer cd but you can also go to a link written on the manual of the product so you can immediately download the latest driver. I believe all the four varieties of the Wacom Intuos model share the same driver since the downloadable driver for the Intuos is only one. For those who don't know, a device driver is a software needed to completely install a peripheral device. Without it, it won’t work correctly or won’t work at all. Just imagine your device is a car and your destination is the computer. Without a driver then you can’t move or bring the subject to the destination. In short, the driver is the connector or the tool to introduce your gadget to the computer just like how a teacher introduces a new student at school so the class would get acquainted and welcome the new student. Hehe! I hope you got my point I’ve given two examples already.

Well, that’s it! Drivers are easy to install but if this is your first time to install a driver then you can have this video as your guide.

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