Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

Uploaded on Monday 12 August 2013


Directed by Andrei Severny, produced by Edward Tufte.

FastCompany: "If you do one thing today, watch this 40-minute crash course in Design Thinking."

99U by Behance: "Watch the first five minutes and you'll be hooked."

Lifehacker: "Beautifully made film."

"This [film] is about patient and dedicated teaching, about learning to look and visualize in order to design, about the importance of drawing. It is one designer's personal experience of issues that face all designers, expressed with sympathy and encouragement, and illustrated with examples of Inge [Druckrey]'s own work and that of grateful generations of her students. There are simple phrases that give insights into complex matters, for example that letterforms are 'memories of motion.' Above all, it is characteristic of Inge that in this examination of basic principles the word "beautiful" is used several times."
Matthew Carter, type designer, MacArthur Fellow

"This film is absolutely beautiful. I'm so impressed with it and learned so much in such a compact piece. I feel like it picked up where Helvetica left off with the subtle principles of typographical balance and some early history stemming from the human hand. Your wonderful teaching approach comes through loud and clear and stands as an inspiration and model for others including myself. This is fantastic."
Luke Geissbuhler, Cinematographer of Helvetica and other films

"A great documentation of the visual values we hold dear."
Roger Remington, Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design, RIT

"A fine, insightful and educational documentary. It captures Inge's work as a designer and educator, her thinking and her SEEING, in a wonderful and most perfect way. Truly Inspirational!"
Hans-Ulrich Allemann, Designer/Educator

Teaching to See is a 2012 educational documentary film about graphic design and teaching of Inge Druckrey and some of her students and colleagues. Directed by Andrei Severny and produced by Edward Tufte. The film covers various topics and principles of seeing, analyzing and executing. It provides insights into graphic design, typography, composition, form and visual arts education.


Language: English

Length: 36:58

Country: United States