Interview with Director of “The Raid 2!” He Talks About Possible Plot for “The Raid 3!”

Uploaded on Thursday 10 April 2014


If you’re a fan of the fantastic “The Raid” franchise (the film just received the Critics’ Choice Seal of Approval), you may want to watch this interview. Gareth Evans, the writer/director behind the franchise, talks about the probability of making “The Raid 3” and the possible plotline. He also talks about his interest behind making part 2, how the whole franchise came about, what creating documentaries have taught him in making feature films, and the eye-popping action scenes of the series.

I interviewed him via satellite (he was in Cardiff, Wales, I was in Palm Springs, California), so there are some “waiting” glitches. So I cut them off and spliced them with a white flash so you don’t have to wait!

“The Raid 2” is now showing in theaters.


Language: English

Length: 7:00

Country: United States