Issa's Haven Resort in Oslob, Cebu

Uploaded on Sunday 22 April 2018


A free entrance was given to me and my husband, James at Issa's Haven Resort. When it hit the social media early this year because of its mini Santorini motif, we didn't hesitate to check it out because it is just in Oslob, just a few minutes walk from my parent in law's residence and we can reach the resort already.

Gladly, we learned that it is own and managed by James' classmate from the grade school. So we ended up going there for free after inquiring about their availability. They were fully booked on that day but we were given the privilege to go inside and take photos as well as videos.

Issa, the owner is a very kind and accommodating host. She has this passion to build this resort, she said her parents were somewhat not in favor as she is also pursuing her career as a doctor. But she had hold on to her dream and eventually it was a success. She said she was really happy and felt very blessed to be given this great favor, most of her guests are from different parts of Cebu and she had been given positive reviews.

I can say that Issa has a very sweet soul, she has this charm which can make people feel at ease when talking to her.

The resort offers a private, solemn and minimalist theme. Only guests are allowed in here, no walk-ins are allowed to prioritize the checked in guests.

Watch the video to see more of the resort's beauty.

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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