Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About “NIGHTCRAWLER”

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 October 2014


I love, love, love Jake Gyllenhaal! And I love him especially more after seeing “Nightcrawler.” The Oscar-nominated actor immersed himself into the role of Lou Bloom, an unemployed man who suddenly finds a new career by being a stringer – a freelance journalist who shoots reports and gets paid for each piece of published work.

From his looks to his mannerisms (Those large beady eyes!), Gyllenhaal went all method on us and it paid off! He anchors the movie from start to finish and it’s amazing that we trust his unreliable character. Yup, this guy deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Actor!

In this interview, we talked about his interest for the movie, why he signed on to not only star but produce the movie, how he prepared/researched, and the film’s 70’s conventions. And I did ask him about his hand famously hurt during the making of the movie. Take a look at my interview with the fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal for “Nightcrawler.”


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Country: United States