Jardin Necitas

Uploaded on Tuesday 10 October 2017


The light rain from Ubay, Bohol didn't stop us from getting to Jardin Necitas, a brand new attraction in Bohol located in Pilar. Because of this, every single day, thousands of Boholanos have started coming over. On their opening day, five thousand visitors came to check it out.

It was opened on the 27th of September, just a few days ago and words about it spread like wild fire on social media, it even reached to the neighboring provinces like Cebu.

But actually, this is just a copycat of the 10k glowing roses of Cebu, in Cordova Lapu-lapu but since only a few can afford to travel from Bohol to Cebu, it was a perfect idea to create a similar one and make it bigger even more because this spot has 20k glowing tulips and roses.

The view indeed was great. My camera shots were quite nice even if there were too many people around, we lined up and waited for our time to take selfies and photographs, close up shots of these glowing beauties.

They have different colors and tulips were indeed pretty! My favorite color on that occasion, I should say was the yellow tulips. That is because they just look real!

This video shares how the experience was during the visit. There were muddy roads and pathways and too many photobombers but both my husband and I appreciated the fact that the visitors followed the rules not to get into the flowers unlike what happened in Cebu.

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Video: James and Jean Figues
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Jean Beltran-Figues


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