Jobs Bill - Right Away!

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President Obama talks about The American Jobs Act and an urgent time in History. The political Crisis has not helped the struggles of many Americans. However, Obama adds that anybody can make it in America. "Building a world class transportation system is a reason America became an economic superpower." Obama also goes onto to mention that we cannot allow China to build newer airports and faster railroads. Do you agree with President Obama? Will China replace America? is a global interactive movement and platform to inform viewers about the United States credit rating, current economic events, and concrete facts from the White House and other international institutions. AAACountry welcomes your Questions and Suggestions at Get involved today.

奥巴马总统谈到有关美国就业法案,和历史上的紧迫性。这场政治危机并没有帮助到美国人的艰苦奋斗​​。然而,奥巴马补充说,任何人在美国都可以成功。 “建造世界级的​​运输系统,是美国成为一个经济超级大国的原因”。基于这个原因,奥巴马还提及,我们不能允许中国兴建更新的机场和速度更快的铁路运输系统。你是否同意奥巴马总统的说法?中国将取代美国吗?
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