Joss Whedon and Amy Acker Talk About “The Cabin in the Woods”

Uploaded on Friday 13 April 2012


I adore Joss Whedon and yes, I’m a Whedonista! He’s one of my gods. Whedon is a great storyteller, and has created one of the best TV shows ever with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” And this May, he’s about to take us on our superhero quest with “The Avengers,” but this weekend, he wants to scare us as producer and co-writer of “The Cabin in the Woods,” and yes, he and director/co-writer, Drew Goddard, succeeded!

Amy Acker co-stars in the film as Lin. Miss Amy came from the Whedon universe playing Fred in “Angel.” The less you know about her character in the movie, the better.

All I can say is, watch “The Cabin in the Woods” right now!

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Where the idea for “The Cabin in the Woods” came from
*** How Amy got interested in working in the movie
*** Whedon teased us about “The Avengers” and said a few heartfelt notes about the failed “Wonder Woman” project

Have fun!


Language: English

Length: 5:00

Country: United States