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JSE 420 Films - THE RIVER - The Quinebaug River is a river in south central Massachusetts and eastern Connecticut, with a watershed that includes western Rhode Island. The subject of this film is the portion of this scenic river traveling through the Westville Recreation area of Southbridge Massachusetts January 1, 2009 at 4:20PM.
Temperature was 17 F.
Southbridge is a rural New England town of about 17,000 people which was incorporated in 1816.
The Quinebaug river is about 80 miles in length. It originates from an unnamed pond near Mashapaug Pond in Union, Connecticut, and ponds northwest of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, flows generally southeast through Southbridge Mass and south through Connecticut - Putnam, Danielson, Plainfield, Canterbury and Jewett City. The river joins Aspinook pond which begins in Canterbury and ends in Jewett City. The river then continues to the Shetucket River northeast of Norwich, and from there flows into the Thames River and drains into the Long Island Sound. It is dammed in its upper reaches at East Brimfield Dam, Westville Dam, and West Thompson Dam all for flood control. It is also dammed in Plainfield and Aspinook dam at the end of Aspinook pond in Jewett City.
The Quinebaug River watershed covers 850 square miles and extends into western Rhode Island. It is heavily forested with 29 named streams including six major tributaries the French, Moosup and Five Mile Rivers, and the Wales, Mill and Cady brooks. The watershed also contains 54 lakes and ponds, 31 of which with an area of 10 acres or more, for a total of about 3,000 acres the largest is East Brimfield Reservoir in Brimfield and Sturbridge. The watershed is home to fish species including trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass,and pike. Elevations range from 1,264 feet above sea level on Mount Pisgah in Wales, Massachusetts, to about 25 ft in Norwich, Connecticut.
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