Judo for fred

Uploaded on Saturday 3 April 2010


Judo for fred (meaning Judo for peace in Norwegian) believes this project will contribute as a counterweight to the many tragic experiences the young and the children of Afghanistan have experienced and will provide them with:

•Something positive to look forward to
•Something positive to concentrate on
•Something positive on which they can use their body and energy
•A feeling of mastering something
•Learning and stimulation

We know that no one can take away from the children the activity we give to them.

We also believe this activity not only provides a better quality of life for those who participate in the exercises, but also bring positive consequences such as:

•Active athletic clubs in the local communities
•Prevent idleness among the young and children
•Give the young and children the opportunity to make an influence on their own situation
•Equality of status
•Knowledge about hygiene, body and nutrition

We believe this will provide a small but positive contribution to the peace process that barely has begun in Afghanistan. In addition we believe it will help keeping the young and the children away from violence and the increasing drug problem.


Language: English

Length: 6:17

Country: Afghanistan

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