Kamen Bryag & Tyulenovo at the Black Sea

Uploaded on Thursday 17 November 2016


I've already written a blog about some of the tourist sites in the Northern seaside of Bulgaria so I thought I can also share a video about my visit there. More specifically I'm referring to Kamen Bryag and Tyulenovo, which are both villages with magnificent cliffs, and awesome views.

The best attraction in Tyulenovo is the stone arch which is a unique structure for our seaside. On the other hand, Kamen Bryag is more like a wild place for camping and/or enjoying the nature. They are both popular locations in summer, and especially in the middle of the summer as in the North, the weather gets colder later on. The distance between them is only 5 km.

Hope you enjoy this video! Thanks!

- NinaB


Language: English

Country: United States