Ledenika Cave near Vratsa

Uploaded on Monday 14 November 2016


I decided to upload this video, which is a photo collection of my visit to Ledenika Cave near Vratsa. The cave is situated up in the mountain and is full of various formations with different shapes and colors. I actually visited this cave twice in my life as the distance from me to there is not that much, and I always enjoy the clean air in the mountains.

The cave is separated in several halls or rooms, each one of them hosting smaller and bigger stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and many other tiny cave formations. They are all impressive, and there is an option for a guided tour around the place with a trained guide explaining about the names and providing detailed information about the formations. Ledenika is one of the many natural tourist sites in the area as the mountains there are full of interesting locations to visit and enjoy.

I hope you like this video!

- NinaB


Language: English

Country: United States