Left of the Border Film 3

Uploaded on Wednesday 17 July 2013


Later in 2003, after two collaborations for Left of the Border Films, I decided I would produce a solo project. Film 3 continued my fascination with artificial light and introduced a more processed look to light sources I had video captured. The other noticeable image in Film 3 is that of the barcode. The idea behind the use of the barcode image for Film 3 is this – every barcode you see is a random design, made to be linked to a random product. Light by its very nature is random and complex, yet it exists within a specific visual spectrum and surrounds us constantly. While at first it may seem to be a tenuous link, as I developed Film 3 in post-production, I began to notice that the grouping of seemingly random light sources into what could be described as an everyday random (but familiar) shape led me to conclude that light and barcodes share some similarities. That is, barcodes only function through the use of light, both light and barcodes are everywhere around us, light feeding our bodies and impacting our mood and feelings, and barcodes being one of the ways we acquire objects of necessity or desire. They have a somewhat symbiotic relationship to one another that I only realized after I had started Film 3.


Language: English

Length: 5:35

Country: United Kingdom