Life in Coron

Uploaded on Tuesday 18 July 2017


On our third day in Coron, Palawan, Philippines, my husband James and I went to the port area of Coron and found interesting subjects for photo and video. So we went in and set up our cameras. James had also taken a time lapse video of the magnificent sunset view.

I, however went on to the other side of the port where there were houses just a few steps away from the boats docked in the port docking area. I found lots of locals laughing and talking. It shows a simple yet happy life for these locals.

I also found animals in the port such as dogs, cats and I spotted an Eagle above our heads. The boats were really peacefully docked and the wind was pushing the boat flags in. It looked really good and the effect of the wind brushing in was quite nice so these are including in this video.

It was also evident that poverty is present in this part of the country even if the prices of the tour packages are quite high. It seems only the owners of these boats are earning.

After more than an hour of taking videos, I went back to where James was seated and told him about the things I have seen in the other side of the port. Compiling all of these videos really is worth it.

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Jean Beltran-Figues


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