Living with Someone - Test shoot for upcoming short by Mark Kuczewski

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 October 2012


This is a test shoot for a short that I am going to be filming after Christmas.

This is a script I am writing to shoot shortly after the new year hopefully around May time. It is a mocumentary about a young woman named Alice who is dating an imaginary boyfriend or is he. After Alice has had a history of bad boyfriends, she has found the perfect guy. The only problem is that he exists only in her head, but maybe that is enough.

I am really excited about this film, I already have the actress and I am really excited about developing the character and script further.

I see this shot very similar in style to the music shop advert. I'm always looking for feedback on scripts so if anyone is ever interested in giving one a read, then message me for details.


Language: English

Length: 01:00

Country: United Kingdom