Lose With English - Trailer

Uploaded on Tuesday 24 April 2012


Lose With English was shot guerilla-style on the streets of Los Angeles. The story of English Jones, former TV star, host of the exercise show "Lose With English". As the movie begins we find English down on his luck, hiding from the mob, dreaming of a comeback. Will he hit the big-time before the Italians hit him?

Starring: Michael Dunn, Roberta Bianchini, Francesco Mazzini, Martin Quilitz, Josh T. Ryan, Alice Hill, Charley Rossman and Matthew Lee Nelson, Brian Joseph, Arimah Trinidad, Damon Jacob Grossman, Joseph Beck, Edd Hall, Jed Mills, Mia Antonelli, Geoffrey Wysong, Kristin James, Henry James.

Bright Blue Gorilla: Award-Winning Filmmakers, Actors and Musicians from Los Angeles, present their 4th feature comedy, Lose With English. BBG will play a concert before the movie and do a Question & Answer session after. Bright Blue Gorilla has been traveling the world for 20 years and has plenty of stories to tell. It's a night you'll never forget!


Language: English

Length: 2 minutes

Country: United States