Maambong Resort Outing

Uploaded on Friday 4 January 2019


My family went swimming to our favorite natural swimming pool located in Garcia Hernandez, Bohol. This pool is our favorite because its waters come from a natural spring. It supplies the pool with unlimited flowing water so they don't have any treatment of any chlorine or such so it is totally free of any chemical elements except for human pee!

Just before returning to Cebu, we planned to set a day for us to enjoy the cold natural spring water of Maambong Resort which is just a few minutes away from our place.

Our two kids had enjoyed it a lot as much as the adults did. My brothers and I went sliding in their kiddie slides together with my niece but I didn't enjoy that much, instead, I got scared on my first try so I didn't bother going back.

My nephew, on the other hand, loves the water even if it was very cold. He didn't want to stop swimming and would even cry out loud if we would take him out of the water.

We arrived early lunch, around eleven in the morning so we ate lunch first before hitting the water. Obviously, because this is a famous swimming pool resort in Bohol, it was packed with visitors from all over the neighboring towns.

However, we were still able to secure a table and still enjoyed the beauty of natural spring water swimming pool. Since I was a little kid, we would be visiting this every now and then.

Watch the video and enjoy!

- Jean Beltran
- all clips taken on a GoPro Hero Silver
- edited on Adobe Premiere
- music from GoPro Free Royalty Music


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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