Mabel at the Wheel - Charles Chaplin

Uploaded on Saturday 12 July 2014


Charlie offers a ride to Mabel on hes 2 seat motorcycle and she accepting in preference on his rival´s race car. On the ride its happens and unfortune bump that makes Mabel fall on a puddle. The rivels car that was follow the motorcycle pickups Mabel and he left her drive sitting tight beside her.
Charlie notice finally noticed that she falls of the motorcycle and see the rival and Mabel now stopped and standing in front of the car. So Charlie decides to down the rears tyre of the rival. He return to the car furious and begins to throw rocks on Charlie and hes trows the rocks back. a friend of the rival appears on the confusion and gets caught up.
The cenes cut to the Auto Races where Charlies puffing a cigarrete that he uses to pin the crownd to get where Mabel is placed and try to make a preposition to her and gets slapped. Charlie then whistels and two guys appear and kidnap the rivals just before the race start. So Mabel decides to put hes racing clothes and takes the wheel in the rivals place. Lets see hows these extremely competitive races end.


Language: Silent

Country: United States

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