Manawa Beach Resort Video Coverage

Uploaded on Monday 2 January 2017


Before the year 2016 had ended, James and I had the opportunity to go on a new trip, an impromptu one since we were invited by the sister in law. The resort is somewhere in Alcoy Cebu. The town is actually known for their white sand beaches which gets really crowded when summer time comes.

But the resort is somehow new, it is also just very near to the beach area where the famous beach resorts are also situated. Outside of the resort, there's a signage which states Manawa Beach. Going into the gate to the entrance, the pool is already visible at the right side, facing the rooms with a daily rate of Php 3000. The pool size is just so-so, it can fit a few people inside, I should say it is just small but there's a Jacuzzi part but was not functioning when we were there.

There was a little bar right in front of the pool also, I believe it serves drinks and other stuff but it seemed not yet functional, there were beach chairs too! Just right beside the pool is a trampoline! That was exciting but it seemed good for kids only, so I have to skip. There's also a cute playground, some slides, seesaw and some wooden horse rides!

The counter is at the left side, connected to the rooms. The tropical huts were also available for those walk in visitors who are not renting any rooms. That was what we had rented instead for Php 500 day use. The bamboo made nipa hut was cool, it has curtains too in it and that was spacious enough to accommodate us. We had a few food with us so we had to share it with the rest of the pack. Those were actually for New Year celebration.

There's a staircase going towards the beach shore. The shore isn't that wide enough, there were huge rocks at each side, used as boundaries for the next resort just next to it. But the water is nice, although there were strong waves splashing into the shore.

Overall, it was a nice experience. I like the resort but it is too small. Kudos to the management to had made it look spacious. The green grass was very earthly. Love it!

Jean Beltran-Figues
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