Marcahuasi the Sacred Stones

Uploaded on Friday 23 October 2009


Marcahuasi is a Quechua word that means “Village House ." There are many theories about these amazing stone sculptures.

One theory is s that here was Noahs Ark, where Adam & Eve survive the big flood by hiding in the deep caves. Others say that there was a big battle between the Andean Gods Soxtacuri and Guayayo. Some say that these sculptures were created by a Pre-Inca civilization that traveled around the world leaving proof of their art.

Yet another idea is that Marcahuasy was the scene of a big cosmic war and the stones hide the mysteries of the Universe. Marcahuasy is a 12.000 feet above the sea level and you have the sensation that you can touch the sky .

Marcahuasi was discover by the Peruvian arquelogy Juio Cesar Tello in 1923, but Daniel Russo ,a investigator of esoteric subjects , showed the world this fascinating place in 1952.

Depending on the shadows you can see different animals such as camels and elephants never seem in this part of the continent , that was a real mystery. They say there are messages and codes hiding on the rocks.

These giant sculptures are in different parts of the earth, around sacred places, and in sanctuaries of lost civilizations. These monuments show you the portals to the caverns and caves that will make the salvation of humanity possible.

Our mission is to find these sacred places and try to break the codes to enter the portals. Marcahuasy has an indescribable magnetism that makes people come back again and again. Once you come here for the first time you will never be the same person.

This documentary will take you to this fascinating place unique in the world .


Language: Spanish

Length: 28:05 minutes

Country: Peru