MATA Expo Tattoo Contest Hosted by Redeemed Tattoo

Uploaded on Saturday 21 April 2018


It was early February when MATA Expo was held in Cebu for the second time. Last year, James and I as well went on both the same events and on the same expo, there were Body Tattoo Art competitions. MATA Expo, by the way, is an International Visual event for the benefit of the mute and deaf which is why the events here or the contests are more of for the visuals like tattoos. Other events were cosplay and dance contest. There were also Gundam displays which were interesting.

Upon reaching the venue, it was held in JCenter Mall in Mandaue City. It was a whole day event but we stayed at the location for only half day because we were only interested in taking photos of the Tattoo competition.

The room which contains all the contestants together with their models was full, jampacked and noisy because of the machines used for the tattoo. There was a live graffiti too happening at the stage while the competition was going on.

Designs of these body tattoos were really diverse and colorful. Some were of famous personalities such as Michael Jordan. There were also animals, dragons, angels, birds, butterflies. I guess there were more than thirty contestants around and it was a feast for our digital cameras.

Watch this video taken during the event using a Panasonic GX85.

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