Mia Wasikowska Talks About “Jane Eyre" and Her Love of Photography

Uploaded on Monday 14 March 2011


I love Mia Wasikowska! She’s a fantastic actress, and in such a short time, has amassed quite a resume. From blockbusters (“Alice in Wonderland”) to Oscar-nominated films (“The Kids Are All Right”) to searing period pieces (“Jane Eyre”), Wasikowska has proven she can tackle any role.

Now, she’s the 19th film actress to tackle the role of Jane Eyre, and it’s a captivating movie with equal parts romance and gothic, and diluted melodrama. Watch the film right as soon as you can!

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Her interest in working on “Jane Eyre”
*** Was it nerve-wracking to play a part that has been played multiple times before?
*** How she and Michael Fassbender managed to stay away from the melodramatic aspects of the novel
*** What’s the biggest challenge in tackling the role?
*** How she picks her roles
*** Wasikowska has another creative outlet – photography!


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States