Miles Teller & Ziah Colon Talk About “Footloose” (2011)

Uploaded on Tuesday 11 October 2011


Miles Teller (Willard) and Ziah Colon (Rusty) are stepping into mighty big shoes just like the rest of the cast of “Footloose.” The character of Willard was personified by Chris Penn in the original, and Rusty was played by Sarah Jessica Parker long before she became Carrie Bradshaw in the “Sex and the City” franchise.

But both actors came out on top and gave their own spin to their respective roles.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** What made them cut loose for “Footloose?”
*** Are they nervous that they’re stepping into some mighty big shoes?
*** Miles used to play Willard in a high school production of “Footloose” the musical
*** How did they research their roles?
*** What happens to their characters after the prom?
*** Their experience in working in the movie
*** Were they fans of the original?



Language: English

Length: 3:40

Country: United States