Mo Scarpelli on Photography and Filmmaking in Afghanistan

Uploaded on Tuesday 27 August 2013


Mo Scarpelli is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and multimedia journalist. She uses character-driven stories to connect people, challenge notions and share perspectives on global issues.
Mo’s journalism work has been published with the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Africa Review, The Huffington Post, Gothamist and

Her clients include nonprofits Bread for the World, charity: water, Future Fortified, Aeras, and the New York Charter School Center; she’s also directed and produced promotional films for brands such as Isaac Mizrahi, Yahoo! and Vistaprint.

She stated that she was surprised to see the usage of photography in Afghanistan. She believes that Western countries haven't done a great job at expressing Afghanistan's culture and the atmosphere of Kabul which is all about war, troops and conflicts. She adds that the media industry in Afghanistan has really grown, and that you can see newspapers everywhere, as well as television and radio reporters, street photography, and people taking pictures with their cell phones. She met many photographers and found out a lot about the history of photography in Afghanistan.


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