Model Interview New York City - Gwen Lu 采 访 Jerry Fu, Part 4

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Jerry has had a passion for photography since he was very young. His experiences working with and observing so many talented photographers in his career has been invaluable for his insatiable desire to learn about this art. He loves black & white photography, mostly capturing people in a digital format. He is not ready to give up modeling yet but photography will certainly be in his future plans.

His other passion is writing. He started his blog 5 years ago in Beijing,, to document his experiences, and the societies and the people he encountered on a daily basis. He has never been shy writing honestly and very detailed about his happiness, anger or tears, with commentary sometimes offending the people within the world he walks. This passion may as well be the path he pursues when his days of modeling are behind him

Jerry's next step is to return to China but would certainly like to return to New York next season, which for us will not come soon enough!

Jerry也爱好写作,自己有个博格,写了五年多了,记载了他的喜怒哀乐, 和对于行内不满的事。这做法得罪了很多人,但Jerry还是坚持这样。他也发现自己原来也喜欢写作,将来不当模特了也当作家。Jerry的博格:

About of Jerry Fu (傅正刚)

Jerry Fu was born on June 25, 1984 in Zhe Jiang, China. Through hard work, dedication, and passion for his work, he has become the top male model in China.
He has walked for many top designers including Dior Homme, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Givenchy, Missoni, Agnes B, Hugo Boss, Romeo Gigli, Gant, and Ports 1961. Jerry has
appeared in many international magazines as well, including Australia GQ, China Vogue, Bazaar Man, Men's UNO, Esquire, Elle, Marie Claire, L'Officel, FHM, and countless others.


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