Movie Review "Zooming In Endlessly"

Uploaded on Wednesday 25 January 2017


What are the criteria for a movie review?

1. Great, self-created original content, well-focused, sharp images and a certain logic in the timeline.

2. The length of the video should not be too short. I guess that a video of about three to twelve minutes will be ok in most cases for a maximum rating.

3. Great audio. Do not take music that is copyright protected. There is enough free royalty free music available on the internet. One such service that provides free and paid royalty free music is

4. Choose matching tags. It seems that Hillary Summer was not so content with my choice of tags. I was expecting it. I have chosen the tags with regard to a series of posts that I am planning. My tags will make sense on the long term.

5. Hillary Summer was criticizing my synopsis and the poster image. Everything important to understand what the movie is about is mentioned in the synopsis. However, it could be written a little bit more entertaining. The other point, the choice of the poster picture, is one that I asked support as well as Hillary Summer for advice. I do not know how to choose a poster picture. I agree with Hillary Summer that it would be great to choose the poster picture myself instead of letting the system choosing a random picture.

This video contains the review of the movie “Zooming In Endlessly” and a short extract of the movie.

See full movie here:

Enjoy the video!



Language: English

Country: Switzerland