Movie Reviews – “Gone” and “Good Deeds”

Uploaded on Friday 24 February 2012


Two big films are opening this Oscar weekend -- we have the action-thriller “Gone” starring Amanda Seyfried, and the romantic drama “Good Deeds” from Tyler Perry. In “Gone,” Seyfried stars as Jill, an ordinary college student whose life takes a turn for the worse when her sister vanished. She suspects the serial killer who abducted her before is the culprit, but the big problem? No one believes her. They all think she’s crazy. Heitor Dhalia directs from an original script by Allison Burnett. Daniel Sunjata, Jennifer Carpenter, Sebastian Stan, and Wes Bentley co-star.

In “Good Deeds,” Tyler Perry stars, writes, directs, and produces the romantic drama featuring Gabriella Union, Thandie Newton, and Mrs. Claire Huxtable herself, Phylicia Rashad. Perry stars as Wesley Deeds, a rich, smart businessman who’s engaged to Union’s Natalie. He seems to have it all until he meets Lindsey (Newton), the down-in-the-dumps mother who changes Wesley’s life. The one good deed he commits becomes the way to finding his true identity.

So which film should you see first? Take a look:


Language: English

Length: 2:30

Country: United States