Movie Reviews: “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” and “The Nut Job”

Uploaded on Thursday 16 January 2014


Two movies for this weekend, we have “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” for action fans and “The Nut Job” for kids. In “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” Chris Pine steps into some mighty big shoes once worn by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. The character is from the vivid imagination of Tom Clancy. Kenneth Branagh co-stars and directs this reboot with Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley lending supporting help.

In “The Nut Job,” the all-star animated 3D adventure tells the tale of Surly (voiced by Will Arnett) and his quest to get nuts! Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, and Katherine Heigl also provide voice performances.

Which one is my pick of the week between “Jack Ryan” and “The Nut Job?” Check out my movie reviews.


Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States