Mr Las Vegas

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 September 2009


"Mr. Las Vegas" Goldie Award winning Movie.

Longtime Vegas Comedy act "Hank & Chet", enjoyed a successful career until Vegas outgrew them causing Chet to self-destruct in an alcoholic haze.

Now in his later years, Hank leads a lonely and solitary existence in a
very small apartment in the Big City of New York - struggling to find gigs with the "Same old outdated jokes and Acts." He fails something miserably.

However, something strange happens and Hank's life changes after he falls in
love with "Agnes," who is a clerk at his local dry cleaners. Although Agnes
loves Hank, she cannot understand his obsession with his "old washed up Comedy routines."
Even this doesn't work, until It takes a visit from a "Ghostly figure of his old buddy "Chet" to reunite the lovers and provide Hank with the happiness that has eluded him since those old Vegas nights.
Will they make them laugh again?


Language: English

Length: 2.00 Min

Country: United States