Museu Sugbo Video Collection

Uploaded on Saturday 21 October 2017


Museu Sugbo is an old prison jail turned into a museum by the Cebu local government. This is a structure made out of coral block stones and multiple rooms used to display old items, excavated materials and interesting pieces of stuffs which provides proof that there has been trading and life of the ancient Filipinos way before Magellan even conquered the country.

That day was supposed to be a Casa Gorordo day but we went to a wrong location but still we managed to get to Casa Gorordo later after we checked out the entire Museu Sugbo.

There were lots of students who were also visiting for their Educational Tour together with their parents and so it was a bit crowded which makes taking photos and videos a bit uncomfortable.

My favorite part however is that first and second room which has items like gold plated teeth of the ancient Cebuanos excavated in Boljoon and Argao. There were also items from the Spanish area, real writings and signatures of the captain Legazpi and a lot more. Certain guns, swords and other kinds of deadly weapons were also displayed.

This video will showcase these things and some more clips which illustrates how Museu Sugbo looks like. I hope you will find it interesting. Check the blog I posted about the museum:

Video: James and Jean Figues
Edited via hitFilm Free Software


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Country: Philippines

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